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My story is somewhat interesting. I am a Registered Nurse with approximately eight full-time years of hospital nursing experience. I started my RN career with direct patient care at my local hospital, with medical-surgical patients. After the first year, I became head nurse of the same medical-surgical floor. I learned a great deal. I had to read the physicians' orders on the patients' charts and schedule the appropriate tests and procedures. I also had to accurately read the medications that were ordered. It was my responsibility to read the results of the lab tests and x-rays (and understand them). I was expected to know normal and abnormal laboratory values. It was challenging and motivating. I had to teach the patients about the tests or x-rays before they were performed. The medical terminology was second nature to me.

I later got married and moved to a town that had a very large teaching University Hospital College of Medicine. I worked as a float nurse for about one year. I had the wonderful opportunity to work on several of their specialty floors. I worked in pediatrics with the children, obstetrics and gynecology, oncology, intensive care units, neonatal nursery and much more. I also worked as a supervisor of a surgical floor at a community hospital. I held the position of the Assistant Director of Nursing at a local nursing home. It provided me with a wealth of medical experience.

As I got older, I kept thinking... wouldn't it be great if I could find an opportunity to work at home. I then discovered many educational ads regarding home study for medical transcription. I researched the different available programs and chose an MT program with an excellent course outline. I did all of my studies at home with textbooks, a laptop, internet access, cassette tapes, a foot pedal and medical resource books. I absolutely enjoyed every part of the course. I was very successful academically. I was very proud to graduate and become a medical transcriptionist.

I thought it would be creative to develop a learning resource web site with self-study, helpful information. My goal was to introduce new transcription students or potential candidates to some common features of transcription education and explain some knowledge that is necessary to do the actual work. This web site is written completely with my opinions, knowledge and experience. It is up to you to choose your specific course, method or program of education. Click here to study what VLC offers regarding their medical transcription courses. They use distance education learning modules and instructor mentoring with the M.I.M.E. method. M.I.M.E. stands for mentoring interactive modular education. The program has very organized learning modules and is self-paced. It makes it easy to study when the material is presented in an orderly, step-by-step method.
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